General Questions


What are mockups?

Mockups are pre-created images that make it easy to seamlessly insert your own content into. Add your app designs to displays, messages to signs or an advertising to the outsides a bus. Mockup World features a large number of clean as well as photo-realistic mockups. You’ll find onething that suits your needs, guaranteed!

How do I use mockups? How do I add my own content?

You can add your own content in a few simple steps:

  1. Open the file in Adobe Photoshop (or other capable design software).
  2. Look for the layer labeled “Replace me” or “Add content here” and double click on it.
  3. A second image (PSB) will appear that you want to drag and drop your content in.
  4. Save and close the PSB file.
  5. Voilà!

There are also numerous video tutorial on how to use mockups you may want to check out.

Which Adobe Photoshop version do I need to use the mockups?

PSB files can be opened by Adobe Photoshop CS or later.

I don’t own Photoshop. What do I do now?

Well, you always have the option to buy it. Or to make use of platforms like Fiverr or do-it-yourself services Placeit that allow you to create mockups online in seconds.

Why do people offer free mockups?

Especially freelance designers and agencies offer free mockups to increase their visibility online. These kind of goodies count as free advertising for them.

What’s a PSB file?

PSB stands for “Photoshop Big” and is usually the file you insert your own content into. These files basically extent your PSD file so you can add extra information to the image. Read more here.

Can I use the mockups for print as well?

It depends on two things: Please make sure that the mockups come with the right license. For a good printing result please consult with your print service if the resolution is sufficient (300 dpi is recommended).

How come that this “free” mockup needs to be paid for when I visit the linked page?

Sometimes specific mockups become very successful on the web. That’s when some designers or agencies decide to go premium with the item. Since they don’t inform Mockup World about the change, the mockup will still show up in the collection.

Can I use the free mockups for private and commercial projects?

We make sure that each item added to the collection is explicitly described by its author as freely usable in private and commercial contexts. However, sometimes the creators may change the license – so please double-check before using the mockup in your projects.

Why don’t you feature 2D or completely vectorized mockups?

Mockup World is specialized in photo-realistic resources; so mostly mockups that are based on real photos. They transport a natural image and put your content right into a specific context.

Do I have to add an attribution for the source?

This depends on the creator’s decision. Most of them don’t insist on getting credits.

Who can I ask for help if I got a question on a specific mockup?

Please refer to the author of the item. Most download pages also offer comment sections – so you might want to ask there.

How do I create my own mockups?

Excellent question! Head over to our download section and get your free ebook on how to make your own mockups.

How can I stay in touch with Mockup World?

Sign up for our newsletter that won’t disappoint you, since it delivers freebies and other great design resources right to your inbox. You’ll find the signup-box at the bottom of every page. You may also follow Mockup World on Facebook and Twitter.


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